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Home Guard

Date guide: 1940-44

Home Guard

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1940 - 1944, I think, rather than 1914.
Added by: Webmaster - 29 Aug 05 
I would endorse this as a Second World War photo. Judging by the age of these men, many are probably Great War veterans. It would be of great interest to me - and many others no doubt - if their names could traced. If you can shed some light, please contact this website.
Added by: Steve Howarth 11 Nov 05 
We are busy sifting through all of the images, and will be uploading all comments we find on their reverse side.
Added by: Admin 11 Nov 05 
I have a list of members of Skipton Home guard which I can scan and send to you if you wish,It may help to put names to the photo
Added by: Mick 24 Nov 05 
Thankyou I would be grateful for any info you have regarding photo however I am really thinking if this is a world war 11 photo my grandfather would not be in it his name was Alfred Egbert Dukes
Added by: Joan McTaggart 1 Dec 05 
My Grandfather Patrick Horace Fennessy (born 1899) was a member of the Skipton Home Guard in World War II. I think he is the man, second from left on top row.
Added by: Carolyn Robinson 26 Nov 13 
Think a relative of mine is on here but difficult to tell for sure (I only knew him when he was a good bit older). Would it be possible to see a list of names so I can be sure?
Added by: Kath 20 Nov 14 
Yes, this is the WWII. The officer is my maternal grandfather, Richard Wood. I don't know much about his army career but he reached the rank of Major in the Duke of Wellington's Regiment and was at the Relief of Ladysmith in the Boer War.
Added by: Liz Lemal 23 Aug 17 

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