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Rectory Lane

Date guide: 1924

Laying memorial stones by trustees of the Belmont & Otley St. Baptist Church

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Sorry. No location data for this photo.


This photo is the same as that labelled Skipton Hospital row00752.
Added by: Peter Sheeran 13 Sep 18 
Thanks Peter - you're absolutely right. We appreciate you spotting this and getting in touch - the photos have even got different descriptions! The information was generally taken from the back of the photos when they were first scanned and added to the site, and we no longer have access to the photos. I'm not sure which is correct- the Baptist Church on Rectory Lane or Skipton Hospital. Does anyone out there know?
Added by: Admin 14 Sep 18 
My grandfather was Revd James Greenwood of Skipton Baptist Church up to about 1922. He is in the top right hand corner seated with head at a slight angle. My grandmother Amy is sitting to his right. My father John is on her knee. I think it is laying memorial stones at the Baptist Church. I think my grandparents laid a stone. This may be marked on the church itself?
Added by: Peter Greenwood 15 Aug 19 

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