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Thanet's Arms

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Group photograph outside Thanet's Arms.

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According to the 1891 census my Great great grandfather worked as a spirit merchants porter at the Thanet arms, he was James Atkinson and lived with his family at No.1 Thanet Arms Yard. Any further information would be helpful. In the 1881 census; James Atkinson was a mounted rural letter despatcher, and lived in Otley Street Skipton
Added by: joan hastie [nee atkinson] 14 Feb 05 
H F Miller was my husband's Great Grandfather. According to a piece from the Craven Herald of October 2nd 1980, he was there from May 1906 to December 1908 when the pub closed. It belonged to the castle estate. Does anyone know if the people nearest the doorway are the Miller family?
Added by: Jane Barton 30 Jan 06 
I have since found a family photo which confirms that the man and woman nearest the doorway are the landlord, HF Miller, and his wife Hannah. The young woman and the baby may be their daughter Lizzie Jacques and her daughter Emily.
Added by: Jane Barton 1 Feb 06 

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