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Men of Trinity Methodist Church

Date guide: 1920s?

Men of Trinity Methodist Church serving teas and dressed accordingly. Back row, second from left: J. Davies, third from right: C. Miles. Middle row, l-r: W. Baythorpe, unknown, W. Davies, H. Newman, R. Rickwood, F. Hillier, W. Davies, unknown, E. Cleaver, R. Baythorpe. Front row, l-r: J. Mewies, M. Barker, A. Clayton, J. Newman, T. Savage, F. Cleaver, unknown.

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The boy sitting front right is probably called Dougie Mayman
Added by: A. Rowley 26 Dec 05 
Is he related to a Mr Mayman, the Canal Agent at the Yard on Coach St. and who lived at the cottage there by the 40s? Their garden was a real cottage garden with lots of nasturtiums in particular and caterpillars in their hundreds. Their two children were Dennis and Sylvia and we all had a great time playing in the canal yard, in the stables amongst the hay bales and in the warehouses with their incredibly steep wooden steps between the floors.
Added by: Colin Maroney 15 Oct 15 

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