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Rechabites boat trip, Bowers Wharf

Date guide: Probably post 1914-18 war

Rechabites boat trip, Bowers Wharf, off Sackville Street.

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My Granddad is on the boat to the right. Front right with my Dad in front of him sat with his legs stretched out and a pale hat on. Granddad has the obligatory flat cap on. He was a paid up member of the Rechabites.
Added by: Sue Needham 18 Sep 11 
This is beside what is now known as Bowers Wharf, I recognise the building on the left in the background, as it was my office for twenty years. The original name for the wharf was Bowers Yard, named after Joshua Bower, of Hopewell House, Hunslet, Leeds. Bower was a coal merchant and bought the yard in 1863.
Added by: Christopher Hill 22 Jun 15 

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