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Date guide: 1915

16th Battalion, 13 and 14 section, West Yorks Regiment.

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Does anyone know the names of any of these men?
Added by: Joan McTaggart 14 Nov 05 
Unfortunately, I can't be of specific help. What I can tell you is that these men were part of the 1st Bradford Pals Battalion raised from civilians in 1914. They would be, predominantly, Bradford men. In early 1915 they moved to a training camp at the Raikes in Skipton. They were sent to France in 1916 and were part of the fateful attack at the Somme on 1st July. They attacked towards the village of Serre, but made virtually no head way. They endured 75% casualties on that day. The fact this is a group of 'other ranks' - i.e. non officers - tends to reduce the chances of name identification. For a list of names of the 1st Bradford (AKA 16th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment), see micro-film of Bradford Weekly Telegraph, Friday November 6th 1914. I know Bradford Library has a microfilm copy. There is a very good book on the Bradford Pals by David Raw (2005/Pen and Sword)
Added by: steve howarth 25 Nov 05 
Thankyou so much for the info I will follow up with the help you have given me
Added by: Joan McTaggart 1 Dec 05 

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