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Canal Basin

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Looking towards Belmont Bridge

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The crane on the dockside was fixed 'in situ' and the pivot on which it turned is still there. There was also a large stone block which was used as a counterweight. The stone was positioned several feet in the air, jutting out from the rear of the crane. More bizarrely, up until 1960 at least, there was a Banana Ripening Shed, down to the right, behind the large building in the foreground, and hard up against the road wall.
Added by: Peter Sheeran 18 Jul 06 
If I can remember correctly the Banana sheds were owned by Mr Bailey
Added by: Lynda M arley (nee Crayden) 11 Dec 09 
The banana ripening shed was indeed owned by Robert E Bailey of Barnoldswick (?) - a wholesale Fruit/Potato merchant. My dad used to drive truck for him; either a Bedford OB or a Dodge "Kew" - ably assisted by me, his 9yr old son!
Added by: Robert Ormerod 8 Dec 10 
My Uncle, Raymond Wade drove for Baileys and I remember him telling me about a banana spider climbing onto his hand and being as big as his hand!
Added by: Allan Howarth 20 Apr 13 
R.E.BAILEY& SONS,wholesale fruit and veg.merchants operated from a building to the right of this picture(opposite Duckets builders joiners shop)The premisses were originally built as a school and tallow factory and became part of the mill complex of Tom Lumb paper merchants.Baileys ripened bananas on this site and then moved to Lower Union street.
Added by: Simon Bailey 14 Feb 14 
My father raymond wade , was a coal man for 25yrs before working for R E bailey & sons !! He worked for baileys for around 15yrs , before moving to Farnhill , he then worked for craven council as a refuse collector , before retiring at the age of 65 ! He enjoyed walks on kildwick moors !! A few years later they moved back to Skipton into council flat !! But had a bad fall , a they then moved into a bungalow next to Greatwood school !! Dad died there in March 1992 , mum then moved into a nurseing home a few months later , my brother died in June 1994 ! Then my mum died in Airedale hospital 6yrs later in November 2000 !! I now live 7miles outside of Leeds and celebrated my 70th b/day yesterday the 25th of May !! All the best young raymond wade
Added by: Raymond wade 26 May 14 

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