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Moorview Baths

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Moorview Baths, Shortbank Road. Open air pool.

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I remember going to the open air pool. I think my brother swam in it but I wasn't allowed. I do know it was VERY cold, even in summer!
Added by: Sheila Cook 8 Mar 05 
This is where my dad grew up and learned to swim - the pool was virtually right next door to the house where he was born and he spent many happy summers with his mates here.
Added by: Michael Horsman 16 Sep 06 
In spring contained frog & newt spawn , in winter used as an ice rink .
Added by: W E Brown b 23 Jul 07 
When I was about 18months old my dad used to put me into an inner tube and let me float around in this pool. I could swim by the time I was 3. His name was Bernard Hennigan and he was a pool attendant and instructor.
Added by: Sandra Sadler 29 Sep 08 
Before the Aireville baths were built, this was IT. In the 40/50s they held swimming & diving competitions there. It was horrible and dirty-looking. I learned to swim in 1948 in the indoor pool next door; it was rather small too.
Added by: Colin Maroney 19 Jul 15 

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