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Newmarket Street

Date guide: Demolished 1966

Corner of Bunker Hill.

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Im sure the corner property was Mr Cherries barbers, he then moved up onto Otley Road to just below the junction with Otley St. Mr Cherrie lived in Grassington, he also sold tropical fish from his barbers shop.
Added by: Barry Pickard. 12 Oct 04 
Maybe I am just getting old, but I can't help feeling sad that the 1950's and 60's saw so many beautiful old buildings demolished instead of renovated. I was born in '66 and would have protested at the time - if I had known how!
Added by: Michael Horsman 16 Sep 06 
My Collins grandparents lived at 59 Newmarket St and I remember living with them during the war. They died in the 1950.s
Added by: Rita Collins 1 Aug 09 
Visitors here may be interested in this: Thanks also to the Rowley Collection for the images used. Thanks also to the Rowley Collection for the images used.
Added by: FoS 10 Mar 20 

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