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Dyneley House, Newmarket Street

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Dyneley House Private Hotel, Newmarket Street.

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This building is beautiful, I remember going here. Does anyone remember Dr Merrill , Dr Watson?
Added by: Joan Mloney 18 Dec 11 
Does anyone know where Harts Head Inn was?
Added by: Robert Coates 29 Dec 11 
I remember when I was a little girl with my Mum & Dad living with my Aunt, Miss Sarah Metcalfe, who owned the Dyneley House Hotel. It had a tennis court & there was a stream at the bottom of the garden. Reluctantly she sold the Hotel, probably due to a fall in visitors. The other Hotels in Skipton were licenced, she didn't wish to work longer hours catering for revellers as she was getting older. What a shame to lose such a building. That's progress!
Added by: Mrs Patricia Stockton 9 Mar 12 
I remember there was a sign at the front which read 'Dyneley House Temperance Hotel' or something similar. I often wondered what temperance meant.
Added by: Peter Sheeran 1 Sep 13 
This was the residence of mill owner JB Dewhurst in the 19th century. He later moved to Aireville on the death of the owner: solicitor and banker, Henry Alcock.
Added by: Robert 2 Jan 15 
Ken Ellwood lodged here in 1955.
Added by: Admin 22 Jan 18 

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