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The Ginnel off Newmarket Street

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Friends Meeting House

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As a child in the 1940s we used to go down a ginnel on the south side of Newmarket Street to get to Brougham street school . There was very high wall ( or so it seemed) down the ginnel , was this property down the same ginnel ?
Added by: W E Brown  14 Jul 07 
Yes it was. I lived on Newmarket Street above one of the shops which was at the time an antique shop. I too went to Brougham Street and walked down the ginnel on the way to school. The friends meeting house was down the ginnel on the left side.
Added by: R.Walden 13 Jun 08 
A little known fact - the full name of the Ginnel was Hardcastle Ginnel.
Added by: Peter Sheeran 3 Dec 20 

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