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Formerly St Monica's Convent

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Formerly St Monica's Convent, now the Catholic priest's house.

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It's either the school house at Ermysteds Grammar School or Raikeswood hospital
Added by: David Owen 24 Jul 04 
This is a photograph of St Monica's Convent which adjoins St Stephen's Catholic Church on Gargrave Road. The convent was, for many years, a girls' boarding school (with a few local day pupils) run by the nuns who lived there. Some of the nuns also taught in St Stephen's infant school at the bottom of the hill, a nun being the headmistress from at least the 1930's when I went to school, to at least the 1960's when my own children went there. When I was 11 years old I also went to the convent, on a scholarship.
Added by: Margaret Tennant (nee Gates) 9 Aug 04 
Im sure this is the Convent as was, now it is were the Catholic Priest lives. John Salkeld and myself do Plumbing repairs there. Its on the side of Catholic Church, Gargrave Road.
Added by: Barry Pickard. 6 Oct 04 
It really is rather sad that St.Monica's is no more. I boarded from 1947 - 1955 and have many memories. Rev. Mother Mary John - superb. After that ...forget it. Many of my friends remain part of my life. You know who you are. Thank you so much. St George's at Broadhurst, Kent, was the twin school, but I've been unable to find them on the 'net. I have lived in Africa since 1979 with my husband (architect), but we have property in UK and will eventually return. Our son was educated at Sedbergh and has returned to Yorkshire to pursue his career. If anyone remembers me ... perhaps they might add something to this page. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am hoping that others will add their contributions. Madeleine.
Added by: Madeleine Bastiano 6 Feb 05 
It most certainly is St Monica's Convent. I was at the final Reunion prior to the building pulled down - all except for the frontage. The building on the right of this picture is the gym - also pulled down. So sad - such a lovely place to learn - nothing quite like it since. Fondly remembered
Added by: Therese Lang 25 Apr 07 
So sad to see it go. I was at the Reunion prior to the building being pulled - all except the original frontage. In this photo, the extension on the right was the gym. That has gone now. Lovely place to learn - nothing else quite like it.
Added by: Therese Lang 25 Apr 07 
Madeleine Bastiano, ex-St. Monica's: Please email me.
Added by: Peter Kirkman 4 Apr 09 
Madeleine, read Skipton Web Forum messageboard.
Added by: Peter Kirkman 22 Apr 09 
Madeleine Bastiano. See Skipton Web Forum messageboard.
Added by: Peter Kirkman 22 Apr 09 
If any of you are interested, we have created a group called St Monica's Convent there. Please look for it. If you are not on Facebook already please consider joining. It is NOT a dangerous site. You can set up your account to block whomsoever you want. We have had this group going for a few months now, and so far we number 36. People are supplying memories, photos etc. PLEASE joiun in? Therese Lang
Added by: Therese kearton 23 May 11 
I was a day girl from 1943 to 1949. In the winter of 1947 for 3 weeks I was the only day girl present - the rest were either ill or lived in villages cut off by the snow. We had a great education - when we moved, I found myself a year ahead of my peers at my new school. There was a tennis court on the lawn in the picture
Added by: Pauline Adele Hey 23 Aug 12 
Pauline Adele Hey , if you are that Adele who was friends with Sarah Midgley and Kathleen Burns , we would love to hear from you . Are you on facebook ?
Added by: Sarah Eccles 14 Dec 12 
it is St Monicas convent where I was a pupil until 1965
Added by: sue Rogerson 20 Sep 13 
Boarder 1946 to 1956 Many memories of friends & nuns Some photos first Communion, highland fling 1951 Festival of Britain,roller skating,all bck& white ,box brownie.
Added by: Anne Wiley nee Roberts (McDonnell) 13 Oct 13 
I was a boarder at st.Monica's Convent 1946 to 1956 we never cried did we? I especially remember the depth of cold ,especially in the junior dormitory,in the care of mother Monica & sister Dominic, yes she was very tall & slender & pale & stern, she had an aristocratic bearing. Sister Mary Agnes always had a lovely welcome as we Retuned to school at the start of term,she would serve A soft boiled egg & toast fingers if anyone was a degree under,she also dosed us with syrup of figs,a cure all! The chestnut trees,daffodils peonies,geraniums.lilac. The gardener Mr.Armstrong,I believe, a man of few words. The laundress was Mrs.Armstrong, perhaps they were a couple! Many many more memories
Added by: Anne Wiley(nee) Mc Donnell 23 Dec 13 
I was a day girl from 1949 until 1954, my sister Verity from 1951. Latterly we were bused to East Martin (?) every day.
Added by: Patricia Buckler 9 Aug 14 
Added by: butler 11 Apr 15 
I count my years at St.Monica's as among the happiest of my life. I was a day girl from 1951 to 1958. Mother Breda Breen was a great influence on my life. I saw some photos of the parts which were being pulled down. However, it's all there in my mind's eye.
Added by: Patricia Waldron nee Collis 16 Sep 15 
I was a boarder at St. Monica's from 1941 to 1948 I would love to hear from any voters of that era espeically Brid Kerr and Veronica Valkering
Added by: Pat Wraw 25 Jan 16 
I was one of about six day boys! I was at St Monica's from about 1948 to 1951.I remember on mother superiors birthday,I was delegated to knock on the refectory door,where all the school was assembled and walk up passed the whole school to deliver to her all the schools birthday cards! Other boys were the two King bros and Burns from Connonley.Sorry I cannot remember Christian names.The most famous old boy was Ian Macleod one time Chancellor of the Exchequer. I have a photo of the whole school at the time
Added by: Evan Wilson 17 Jun 16 
Does anybody remember the building of an igloo, probably in the early 1950s. I've just found a description but would love a photo if any exist. The local paper took some but I've had no luck finding them. It was strange to see how the old place has been pulled down and that the cemetery has lost the memorials to the nuns who are buried there.
Added by: Judi Cheseldine 12 Jan 17 
I'm trying to catch up on my past. I believe I was here sometime between 1952 to 1957 along with my brother Bernard. Where would the records be kept?
Added by: Danny Riggs 10 May 17 
Hi Danny, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure where St Monica's records are kept. You could try contacting the priest at St Stephen's church, details on the parish website:
Added by: Admin 12 May 17 
I went to St. Monica's from 1941 to 1948. In 1950 I joined the FCJ's for a time and was sent to Canada, where I now live, but I left the FCJ'S back in the early '70s. I am married to an English man who came to Canada in the '40s. I am an old lady now in my 80s. Would love to hear from Brid Kerr and Veronica Valkering and anyone else who remembers me.
Added by: Pat Wraw 3 Jul 17 
My mother and her sister attended this school as day girls during the war. Does anyone remember Cecilia or Elizabeth Rosbottom?
Added by: Fiona Baker 22 Feb 18 
Does anyone remember my Mother Kathleen Bartlett? Sadly she died in 1998 but I'm trying to find out about her family history and know she attended the convent so any information or photos would be much appreciated
Added by: Rachel Benjamin 19 Apr 18 
Or course, it is St Monica's ! I have been a boarder pupil coming from France in 1962-1963. I visited the place again with Therese Lang a few years ago. All ruined. So sad. And now, Therese has passed away last September. There will be a concert for her life in Bolton on the 8th of June 2019. I shall try to come and would like very much to see former pupils. Therese's best friend then was named Sue.
Added by: Veronique Lecat 5 Mar 19 
I was a boarder at St Monica's Convent 1943 - 1949, remembering Mother Monica, sister Dominic and sister Mary Agnes. The junior house moved to Eshton Hall for a period of time. I remember Jacqueline Haddock and her sister were in our dormitory. Other names escape me but I'm sure they will come to me. My cousin Nadine Hewitson was in senior house.
Added by: Elisabeth Barnes nee McPherson 17 Apr 19 
those were the days my friends! I am still living happily in Canada..88 the other day. would love to hear from anyone who remembers me 1941-48
Added by: Pat Wraw now Pat Martin ,living in Ontario, Canada 1 Jun 20 
For anyone remembering Ann, Sally and Elizabeth Newgrosh.....would love to hear from you.
Added by: Ann Newgrosh Bjerke 23 Oct 20 

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