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Castle Street

Date guide: Pre 1920s

Looking up Castle Street from Keighley Road.

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My Great Grandfather, Horatio Sharpe Senior, lived at no 53 Castle Street in 1901. He was the manager of a pawnbrokers in Skipton. Unfortunately I have no idea where the shop was.
Added by: Janette Johnson 22 Oct 06 
My dad lived in 34, Castle St. nearly all of his life. We often used to go and stay with our nan. I remember going to visit friends of the family ,we always got money to put in our purses. We used to take lovely walks. From the landing window in nan's house we used to watch the lights go on in the distant moors.
Added by: P.M. Dunne Mrs. 27 Feb 07 
I left Skipton in the early 50s but wasnt there a shop on the left going uphill at that time which sold tripe ?
Added by: W E Brown  8 Jul 07 
A wall with iron railings on top was built across the bottom of Castle Street. In front and to one side of the wall was a Tripe stall. We used to buy honeycomb tripe, smooth tripe, udder and slut (black tripe) and eat it as soon as we brought it home with pepper, salt and vinegar. The vinegar had to be in every honeycomb, the udder was meaty and a sort of orange colour and very tasty but I could never be persuaded to try the slut!
Added by: Pat Attewell (nee Kerrigan) 26 Jun 10 
Does anyone know what year the bottom of castle street at the junction with Keighley Road was blocked off?
Added by: Gareth 12 Aug 19 
It got closed off after a horse and cart was involved in a tragic accident when the horse and cart was out of control down the steep hill and didn't stop Not sure date but I am sure you would find about it in the Craven Herald newspaper
Added by: Andrea Ibbotson 4 Dec 19 
The house with the large window on the left was a barber's shop. The tripe shop was on the same side facing it, on a corner where the wall in the picture ends.
Added by: Peter Sheeran 24 Jan 20 
We lived at number 74 (circa the fifties), which is over the top of the hill on the right, just before the junction with Westmoreland Street and Armitage's shop.
Added by: Peter Morrow 8 Oct 20 

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