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Castle Street

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Castle Street, looking down to Keighley Road.

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As a child in the seventies I remember 'Sunday School' at the Salvation Army building which was on Castle Street, on the left of this picture - perhaps a little further up?
Added by: Michael Horsman 16 Sep 06 
Can any one say when and why this end of Castle street had a wall built across it? I lived in Skipton from 1948 to 1974, my last house was in goushan street just to the right of where the photographer is stood, and I can't remember Castle street ever looking like this.
Added by: lawrence Walton 20 Oct 06 
I remember reading somewhere that the wall was put up because a horse and cart got out of control because of the steepness of the hill, ran across Keighley Road and ended up in one of the shops you can see. I don't think this was within living memory.
Added by: Jean Robinson 21 Jan 09 
The runaway horse and cart story is a myth. In the 1890s Keighley Road was to be widened and several properties were demolished. Castle Street was to end rather abruptly at the wall. The widening scheme was never fully realised.
Added by: Ian Lockwood 13 May 15 
At the bottom on the street in the 1950s/60s right hand side was a barber shop - Mr Lancaster who told me he used to date my mother!
Added by: John Buckman 19 Mar 20 

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