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Cattle Market

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High Street

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So many atmospheric "Cattle on the High St" photos (#346-367) but I think this is the best as it positively bustles with activity and is quite sharp. Can you see the slurry? Mattock's shop can be seen on the left with the hoarding for "Willan" (see #363) just visible.
Added by: Colin Maroney 22 Oct 15 
My Father Robert Carr who was from Lee Gate on the high tops above Malham, told me of driving 30 head of cattle on foot, or flocks of sheep and lambs with a sheep dog down to Skipton to sell in the auctions which took place on the setts in the High Street!! Over 12 miles there and back! Early last century 1913 onwards. No Land Rovers or cattle wagons then!
Added by: Stephen Carr 25 Jan 18 

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