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Broughton Road

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Looking west. Tin Mission Church

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The old tin tab,still there but obviously rebuilt,the building behind is the tong po house,(chinese take away),the gap between houses is Clitharoe st, I lived at No 3 from 1970 onwards. On the left, the gap is Engine shed lane, and opposite would be Baines florest
Added by: A Hall 19 Jan 10 
My father Ernest Maroney b 1905 learnt to mend boots and shoes and sometime, late teens/20s, used (rented?) a tin shack as his work shop till he could move on to better premises. This is the only "tin" building I can see in this collection. Can anyone throw any light on a tin shack on Broughton Rd during this time?
Added by: Colin Maroney 10 Oct 15 
I believe the tin shack originally was a gospel mission hall in Barnoldswick and was dismantled and rebuilt in Skipton, as seen in the photo.
Added by: angus Brennan 26 Nov 20 

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