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Broughton Road

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Looking West from Cavendish Street. Dewhurst's factory on the right. Welfare Hall is on the left. The banner stretched over the road says: 'The super new sewing thread from the makers of Sylko'.

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My uncle Alfred Maroney worked here as a weaver till August 1914 when he volunteered and joined the army. He fought at the Somme and Paschendaele & Cambrai, got Trench Foot but was Killed in Action near Arras in March 1918.
Added by: Colin Maroney 10 Oct 15 
Why wasn't Dewhirst Mill's chimney preserved? It was an iconic landmark.
Added by: John Buckman 19 Mar 20 
Sorry John, the chimney was not preserved. I live in Canada and was shocked when I first saw that it was gone.
Added by: Malcolm Mounteer 19 Aug 20 

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