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The Raikes

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Junction with Grassington Road

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Raikes Rd is to the left. The back entry to Ermysteds Grammar School is just to the lower left. When the School Cross country runs were held, even though you were dog-tired, you sprinted down the Grassington Rd junction to this spot because it was a long hill.
Added by: Colin Maroney 10 Oct 15 
... (back entry to Ermysteds) and the Girls' Convent where we used to go on to the Cricket top to watch the netball!
Added by: John Buckman 19 Mar 20 
My memory's somewhat foggy, but seem to recall that we ran on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon# either White Hills or Bog Lane. In winter we lathered our legs with Elliman's Rub (?) just like the pros did!. Down Grassington Road to that wrought-iron gate and on to "The Top"
Added by: Robert Ormerod 31 Mar 20 

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