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High Street

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Cork's shop.

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This shop belonged to my grandfather William Cork and I remember visiting it as a child in the 1950's. My grandfather had a barber's above the shop which I believe had been in the family for many years. I think the shop was run by Stanley Cork my father's cousin in recent years. I don't know when Cork's shop originally opened or closed down. If anyone knows I would be very interested to know.
Added by: Gill Cork 3 Oct 04 
Now you mention it, I can see the barbers' pole, to the left of the door. Thanks!
Added by: Admin 4 Oct 04 
The 1841 census for Bingley in Yorkshire has the following family: Christopher CORK age 55 hairdresser born Yks. Sarah CORK aged 50 born Yks Mary CORK aged 30 born Yks Christopher CORK aged 5 born Yks. There were other members of the CORK family who were barbers. The branch listed above are related to me. The younger Christopher was my gggreat grandfather. This branch of the family moved and settled in Burnley.
Added by: Dyanna Swindlehurst 27 Nov 04 
I've already added a comment on this photograph. Can you tell me exactly where this shop was? The caption just says 'Hign Street'. Where? The CORKS lived variously in Otley and Bingley before moving to Burnley. If you zoom in to the sign above the name CORK you can make out the words 'shampooing saloons'. Saloons? Salons I think!
Added by: Dy Swindlehurst 27 Nov 04 
According to the elders of Skipton, I have it on good authority that this shop has now been replaced by a photographic processing establishment; opposite the Edinburgh Wool Shop, past the Woolly Sheep pub. See cell 4 of
Added by: Admin 1 Dec 04 
I remember Cork's shop very well - my sister and I bought sweets there from the early to late 1940's. The two steps to the left of the shop lead into Cook's Yard, and the shop had a back door leading into the Yard.
Added by: Margaret Tennant (nee Gates) 22 Feb 05 
The Cork family was/is a very old Skipton family and had been hairdressers for several generations. I have traced it back to the mid-sixteenth century in Skipton. Christopher was a very common name in the family also Arthur and Stanley. Was this shop shown in the photograph the one which eventually was given a modern green and black facia? I am descended from Herbert Henry Cork & Mary Whitton.
Added by: Dorothy McKnight nee Cork 24 Dec 05 
In the 1950s the tobacconist shop, at the front was run by Charlie Cork, father of Stanley who took over later. The barber's shop was at the rear downstairs and run by my father, Norman Dexter after he returned from WWII. The "rear" door was actually in the alley at the side of the shop. There was a ladies hairdresser upstairs at some time too. In the late 60s the barber's shop there closed and my father took over one in Newmarket St.
Added by: Bryan Dexter 5 May 06 
My grand mother was Frances ( Fanny ) Cork, she married Charles Moorhouse who sadly died aged 42.Charles was the son of William Moorhouse who founded the jam company of that name. Charles did not work for the family business but became manager of the Fattorini jewellers shop in Southport. After he died his widow (Fanny) and three children moved to Leeds.
Added by: Peter Moorhouse 21 Feb 07 
Christopher and Sarah Cork in the 1941 Census were my Great, Great, Great Grandparents. Their son, George had a daughter, Fanny, who married my Great Grandad Alfred Nunns and lived in Bingley. Their daughter Elsie May married my grandfather Hubert Smith who lived in Colne, Lancashire. Elsie May died in her 30's but Hubert moved to Colne in Lancashire with his children.
Added by: Brian Smith 8 Jun 07 
I have recently been researching my family history, I have Sarah Ann Cork as my Gt Gt Grandmother marying William Bairstow my Gt GT Grandfather in 1861 in Bingley, on the marriage certificate her Father is George Cork born 1822 in Otley who states his profesison as a Barber. I would be interested to know if they have any connection to the shop in the Photo Contact d.bairstow2@ntlworld .com
Added by: Douglas Bairstow 17 Jul 07 
Hi - found this photo through the search engine...lovely to see...have just discovered family links to the Cork family through Walter Cork [Bingley 1877 - WW1 1918] who married a Sarah Wood in Barnoldswick 1897. I believe his father David Cork was also a hairdresser in later years [I think on the 1901 census]. Wondering if anyone might be related to this side of the Cork family as I believe I am in possession of family photos of Walter...previously unnamed. His WW1 photo [along with other related Cork family] sits on the Craven in the Great War site. I can be contacted at
Added by: Mimi 12 Oct 08 
Archibald Ernest Cork (my grandfather)&his father Arthur &siblings lived originally on Belmont Bridge & later Archie owned the barbers shop on Otley St until the late 1970s.His wife was Mary who with her brother James Simpson owned a greengrocers & fish & chip shop on Newmarket St & a second greengrocers in the High Street.
Added by: Josephine R. Crisp 29 Nov 08 
My connection to the Cork family is less respectable than those above! Fanny born in Bingley about 1832, daughter of hairdresser Charles born about 1811 was the mistress of my 3rd Great Grandfather William Abbott of Yeadon. They seem to have lived together for about 15 years until the death of William's wife finally allowed them to marry in 1872. Fanny died in 1882 and William in 1883. While Fanny and William were carrying on in Bingley his wife Hannah Scott was living in Yeadon with her widowed brother in law James Waugh and apparantly having his children. Sorting out their census records gave me several new gray hairs!
Added by: Maggie Cassidy 10 Feb 09 
My grandfather, William Truman Cork, and his brother, Charles, owned this hairdressing business, which is situated on Sheep Street, Skipton. It is no longer a hairdressers and the premises are leased out by my father's cousin, Stanley Cork, son of Charles. I believe the family may have lived above the shop at some time. It has very interesting cellars, ideal for a darkroom! When I first visited the premises, in about 1957, my grandparents, William and Nora, had a house in Raikeswood Drive, Skipton. My father, Tom Cork, elder son of William, joined the Royal Navy at fifteen, but was certainly taught the hairdressing trade, and was able to put this to good use on board ship! We persuaded Dad to start writing his memoirs several years ago, and although he died in 2005, his memoirs, up to 1949, have been made into a beautifully bound book which the family will cherish. Dad was a great raconteur!
Added by: Ann Clarke 26 May 09 
Tom Cork - is this the man who worked at Boscome Down in Wiltshire, married to Helen, son John? My husband, George who died last month, was one of the Nelson branch of the family and he also worked at Boscombe Down. My husband's father was another George, his brothers were Harold, Sidney and Stanley. Google Salisbury Journal, George Cork to find a picture and short article. We were well aware of the Skipton branch and I remember George pointing out the shop many years ago. I was told that the family had been in Skipton for hundreds of years!
Added by: Olive Cork 21 Sep 10 
My name is Ted Platt, son of John and Ivy Platt.Tom and Brian Cork lived next to me in Ward Street. My father and I always had our hair cut at Corks. My wife was a friend of Brian's wife. Tom recently married a mutual childhood friend. Love to hear from you Tom senior
Added by: Ted Platt 25 Mar 11 
Ted, I am the daughter of Brian Cork and his wife, Anne. I would be interested to know your wife's name and then I can remember her to my mum - I'm sure she'd be interested to hear.
Added by: Gill Cork 24 Aug 11 
My great great great grandmother was Priscilla Cork. Her father was Christopher Cork a hairdresser based in Leeds according to the 1841 census. In the 1861 census it states that Christopher was born in Skipton in 1807
Added by: Chris Roberts 2 Oct 12 
As a schoolboy in 40s/50s, I always went there (weren't there any others in Skipton?) for a haircut. Whether after school or on Saturdays, it was jalways am-packed and you had to wait well over an hour as there only seemed to be one person cutting hair.
Added by: Colin Maroney 10 Oct 15 
I used to visit the barbers at the back of this shop, I went with my dad. I was born in 1950. The barber was Norman Dexter, a friendly man, always glad to see you. A bit slow but an expert barber, the shop was always full of people. He cut my hair for years. Always had the cricket on the radio. He moved shop to Newmarket Street, can't remember when, but I still went to his new shop for my haircut. Good memories.
Added by: Trevor Tattersall 24 Feb 17 
I can remember my father taking me to the barbers at Cork's. Norman Dexter was his name. I can remember having to wait a while as the place was always busy and after cutting the older gentlemens hair, Mr. Dexter would add "thank you sir, will there be anything else? Something for the weekend?" How times change!
Added by: BRUCE ACKROYD 23 Aug 18 

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