Photo row00176

Title: High Street

Date guide: 1960

Old George Hotel




From at least 1891 to 1906 the landlord at the Old George Hotel was another of my many Bishop relatives. George was a crackshot with the 3rd Volunteer Battalion Duke of Wellingtons.
Added by: barbara dixon 6 Oct 04 
this photo is not from 1960 as the xj6 in the picture was not launched until 1968
Added by: russell marsden 13 Jul 09 
I remember drinking in the Old George pub in my late teens, I was 20 years of age in 1968. A local entertainer called Tommy Chapman would play the piano and sing on occasion, and many's the time I enjoyed a sing along session with him and other regulars.
Added by: Mr Donald Cooper 16 Apr 17 

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