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Fred Manby, High Street

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Fred Manby & Bro, ironmongers.

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Can anyone identify where on the High Street Manby's yard was? In 1881 my Bishop family were living on Manby's yard.
Added by: Barbara Dixon 6 Oct 04 
I think Manby's yard was across Sheep Street down a ginnel. It was a complete Aladdin's cave of stuff, but they usually knew where things were overall a big pile of shite!
Added by: John Henderson 3 Jun 05 
I'm not sure but this really really looks like the shop that is now Base. The buildings to the right would be kind of where New Look is now??
Added by: Ro 24 Feb 07 
If you look at photo number 00086 you can see the windows of this building so I'm sure it is the one I thought was Base.
Added by: Ro 24 Feb 07 
I'm sure this is what is now Base clothing. The top 2 windows are still the same. There is an earlier picture (80-something I think) which shows this building in the context of the whole High Street.
Added by: Rowena Mitchell 2 Mar 07 
In the late 40/50s there was a gunsmiths with a display of guns in one of the windows on the left of the Manby's main window .
Added by: W E Brown  14 Jul 07 
I moved to Skipton as a child in about '66/'67 and my mum was so chuffed to be able to buy an old fashioned cast iron frying pan from Mamby's. They also used to sell semi circular steel dog whistles that the dales farmers used, us kids loved those!
Added by: Peter Monk 23 Nov 07 
Manby's Yard is next to Hallam's Yard. Manbys made their fireplaces there.The surround of the middle window is a replica of a fire surround. I think the gun window was also part of Manbys.
Added by: j. m. varley 13 Mar 09 
Manby's was a real Aladins cave,i remember my friends farther buying his shotgun cartriges from Manby's and at that time there was also a very busy section of the store in the cellar which sold tools and every size of screw and nail you can imagine. Even if you bought one nail it was wraped up for you. I can also remember a young man who was the son of one of the Manby brothers,i think he was a reporter on a newspaper, and i once saw him stood in the doorway smoking a clay pipe!
Added by: Peter Reed 8 Apr 09 
Does anyone know when the first clock was put up on the Fred manby shop. And when did the firm stop trading?
Added by: Peter Reed 22 Apr 09 
i found an old fire/oven door in tact with manby & bro skipton written on it, lovely old piece it is, anybody want it?
Added by: Ian Trippier 4 Jun 09 
The illuminated clock was installed May 20th 1912. Manby's closed 1986 about 170 years trading.
Added by: j m varley 17 Aug 09 
Hi. We know this place well, as Fred Manby is a relative of my mother's. My brother was named Manby as his middle name after him. If you would like more information, or stuck with anything "Manby" give me an email, and i will be glad to help! Thanks.
Added by: James Burnell 2 Feb 11 
I'm currently tracing my family history which has brought me to the Mamby's. I believe the original Fred Mamby was my G,g,g,g,Grandtahers Nephew. If you could send my email address to James Burnell who left a comment on Feb 2011 then i'd appreciate it as i would like to know if he has any more info on the family dating beyond 1800. Thanks, Ed
Added by: Ed 6 Mar 11 
when were the houses built on manbys yard?
Added by: rachael taylor 1 May 12 
I hav just seen this (Fb 7, 2020 and can fill in most gaps as I am the last male Manby from the shop. I was the reporter smoking the clay pipe.
Added by: Frederic Manby 7 Feb 20 
Is that Peter monk from Stourport? Mom called Isobel ? Would love to hear from you
Added by: Clair Gittens nee Badham 21 Nov 20 

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