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High Street

Date guide: ? 1950s

Public Library

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Through the ginnel by the side of Slaters was the entrance to part of the Brougham Street school ' outlying ' classes . Woodwork & Cookery were taught in the classes which were part of the Library buildings .
Added by: W E Brown  14 Jul 07 
The ginnel to the right lead to the Science and Art School. Trade apprentaces went there for evening classes.There was also a slopping floor lecture room.
Added by: j. m. varley 24 Mar 09 
In the 1940's and 50's the ginnel to the left of Slaters used to be the only entrance to the Science and Art School. It led on to Belmont Bridge via the side of the canal.My dad was the principal at the Art School so I knew that area well.
Added by: Averil 20 Jul 13 
We went to the cookery school there in our first year of Aireville School abt 1958. We were located at Otley Street school as there was not enough room for us at the newly built Aireville School
Added by: Lynda 23 Nov 14 
I went to the "Otley Street Annex" as it was then titled in 1959, upon leaving Greatwood Primary School. I was eleven years of age. We had to form an orderly line and walk to the canteen for lunch in the vicinity of the Town Hall car park.
Added by: Mr Donald Cooper 16 Apr 17 

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