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Philip & Sons, High Street

Date guide: c 1909

Philip & Sons Butchers

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Phillip's butchers on High Street. Picture is of the three Phillip brothers, left to right are William, Richard & then John who was my grandfather who also had the Craven Arms on Newmarket Street. We think the little girl is either Nancy Phillip or Ann Phillip my mother who was later Ann O'Brien.
Added by: Alice Robinson (nee O'Brien) 22 Apr 12 
William Phillip married Martha Naylor, my grandfather's sister. Nancy was their daughter. My grandfather James Brook Naylor was also a butcher
Added by: Pauline Adele Hey 10 Jun 12 
The little girl looks about 3 or 4 in the photo. Nancy Phillip died in 1978 aged 72, (confirmed on family gravestone) so was born about 1906. If the photo is c 1928 as suggested the child cannot be Nancy, as she would have been 22 by then. Either the date is wrong or the child is not Nancy. Nancy was the daughter of William Phillip and Martha Naylor, my grandfather's sister. Anychance of giving my e-mail address to Alice Robinson who posted the first comment - we are evidently related if a bit distantly
Added by: Pauline Adele Hey 14 Jun 12 
The shop was demolished in 1928 and rebuilt for G.H. Mason & Son and now occupied by Boots Chemists. The year of the photo could well be about 1909/10. The date guide may have been mixed up with the year the buildings were demolished.
Added by: Peter Ellwood 16 Jan 19 

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