Get Involved

Here's how.

The Rowley Ellwood Collection website is designed to be a community history project.

Help us add to the archive

We hope that you (yes, you) will help us by adding your information to the pictures in the collection. If you know when a photo was taken, if you recognise a face or a building - if you have any useful background information at all, please send us your comments.

We know that some (perhaps many) of the 500+ photos in the collection have incomplete or incorrect titles, dates or descriptions. We want your help in fixing these mistakes and ommissions. Please contact us with your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

How? At the bottom of every photo page there's an Add a comment here link. Just follow that link and fill in the form. Your entry will then become part of the growing archive.

More details on how the photos are catalogued

Each photo has the following data fields:

  • Unique reference number
  • Title
  • Date guide
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Comments

We very much want your help in correcting any missing/incorrect Titles, Date Guides, and Descriptions.

Title - 8 words or less. A concise, clear explanation
Date Guide - a 'best guess' as to the year the photo was taken
Description - free text, as much factual meaningful information as possible.

Help us to administer the website

The Rowley Ellwood Collection Website is designed to gather comments and feedback from the general public, over time. If you would like to volunteer your time and get involved in a deeper way, perhaps with looking after the website, with future additions to the website, or with the ongoing administration of the site, then please contact us