The Rowley Ellwood Collection is an online gallery of over 500 historic old photos of Skipton, fully indexed and searchable. This site is a tribute to Dr Geoffrey Rowley and Mr Ken Ellwood who gathered together these fascinating prints. These photos are available for viewing on CD or DVD at Skipton Reference Library.

The Rowley Collection website is designed to be more than just a static photo gallery. It's meant to be a growing online archive of the local history of Skipton, as well as a local community resource. We were determined that it should be interactive - that people could add their comments, information, and knowledge. Go to the get involved page for more details, and the comments archive to see the latest additions from the public.

Photographs are fully thumbnailed and indexed with a title, description, keywords and date, to allow for powerful and flexible searches throughout this collection.

The send an e-card facility is designed as a fast, friendly and free messaging service that has the added effect of creating more exposure and publicity for the collection.



  • Mrs Valentine Rowley, for her gracious permission to use the collection
  • Mr Donald Binns and Mr K. Ellwood for their expert advice and permission to use their photographs
  • Staff of North Yorkshire County Libraries

The Rowley Collection website is a joint project with Skipton Library and Information Centre