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As previous comment the cottage was owned by Elizabeth Tillotson and Union Square was complusory purchased to provided warehousing for Thomas Lumb. I am not...
Christine Birch 21/08/2021
I have a copy of this photo -My mother Kathleen Hennigan is shown 4th row from front on the end on the right.Her friend Mary Jefferies is 2nd row from front...
Christine Birch 21/08/2021
my uncle Eric Haigh used to be a swimming instructor there, he learned me to swim when in about 1967 when i was about 3, i think it was the dolphin club
tracey hayhurst 18/08/2021
does anyone know the names of the people in the picture , they might be my great grandma and grandfather
tracey hayhurst 18/08/2021
On the left of the image, the building next to Scales & Sons is now the Yorkshire Bank. Next door on the north side is the greatly missed Kings Arms, which...
malcolm mounteer 09/08/2021
This is also my Great grandfather.A wonderful person in every way.We spent our childhood in Bradley, with our loving Great Grandparents in the beautiful...
Christine Stewart. 29/07/2021
Judging by the street furniture and car parked outside I think this was actually the buildings that were demolished to make way for the construction of the...
Simon Garner 26/06/2021
The official name was Bentley's Yorkshire Breweries Ltd (Woodlesford Nr Leeds) which was found on bottles, casks, cases, signs etc. Skipton had to be...
Peter Sheeran 24/06/2021
Do you have any photos of Cawder Ghyll hospital?
Gillian Purnell 23/06/2021
I agree with Julian Hide. I was born in Skipton and lived in Stirton for the first 16 years. We also knew it as Waterford Ghyll. Roger Cartwright, in an...
Nigel Whitmore 28/05/2021
Wow. That's amazing. I live on that row of 6 houses but on our deeds it says it was built in 1911.
Cooper 21/05/2021
The white van on the left is a Bedford van based on the Vauxhall HA Viva saloon. It's registration plate PBV 654J shows up that it was registered 1st of...
Chris Airey 18/05/2021
.....or as we used to say when we were young drinkers "buggers yer bladder". Moderators I suppose an e would look better than a u. That doesn't get the point...
Chris Airey 18/05/2021
No 23 Water St. The building still exists but the shop front has been filled in....
Peter Sheeran 07/05/2021
It was W E Brown who mentioned playing in the tunnel under the road Colin, but, like you, I too spent many hours in the beck and tunnel, and, like you, never...
Peter Sheeran 16/04/2021
My Gt Uncle John Patrick Rowley s/n 4689 was in the 22sr Service Bttn.
David White 12/04/2021
My second great grandmother Ellen Ann Whittingham nee Clapham lived at the Beamsley Alms houses in 1901 and died there in 1908.
Amanda Wass 02/04/2021
The passage on the left does, indeed, lead to Birtwistle's Yard. My mistake.
Peter Sheeran 02/04/2021
Of the two buildings in the centre of the road, the smaller one in front was the Market Cross. On the near right is the Wheat Sheaf Inn with what appears to...
Peter Sheeran 29/03/2021
Robert Coates - Hart's Head - 26 Newmarket St. Where Maple Leaf photography shop is now.
Peter Sheeran 28/03/2021