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I seem to remember that Wilbefort's stuck around until the mid 70s at least. My aunt worked there around that time.
Darren Moorby 31/10/2018
Does anyone know where the name Waller in 'Waller Hill' came from. Thank you.
Lilian Flesher 29/10/2018
This is my Grandad's Chemist in Skipton. Thanks for posting the photo!
Adam Brown 08/10/2018
The Brick Hall was the the name of this building into the 1960's and possibly later. During part of that time the landlords were Tom and Maureen Corrigan.
Patricia Attewell nee Kerrigan 26/09/2018
This was taken at the Ermystead street entrance to the St John's ambulance brigade hall. There was a small side entrance to the hall on the Shortbank road...
Keith Perriman 22/09/2018
NB This is a duplicate of the photo labelled Rectory Lane row00695. Does anyone know which...
Admin 14/09/2018
Thanks Peter - you're absolutely right. We appreciate you spotting this and getting in touch - the photos have even got different descriptions! The information...
Admin 14/09/2018
The building on the right with the triangular roof end was the boot and shoemaker, H.O. Walker. The dark area just this side marked by a high lamp was the...
Peter Sheeran 13/09/2018
This photo is the same as that labelled Skipton Hospital row00752.
Peter Sheeran 13/09/2018
I can remember my father taking me to the barbers at Cork's. Norman Dexter was his name. I can remember having to wait a while as the place was always busy...
BRUCE ACKROYD 23/08/2018
It looks a mobile fish and chip van?
Simon Bailey 16/08/2018
Addition to my comment: Date was Friday 31st August 1923, and my grandmother writes that the Dyneley House Private Hotel owners were the Carrs.
G. Brackenbury 20/07/2018
My grandmother (who was walking with her pack-donkey to Scotland) stayed here, Dyneley House Private Hotel, Skipton, on 18th August 1923. The Devonshire Arms...
G. Brackenbury 20/07/2018
The photograph was taken outside Scosthrop Manor, Airton.
Martin Thompson 01/07/2018
My grandmother Elsie Whitwham attended the old British School in 1906 which was down a yard off Otley Street. The school closed on 31 March 1909 and all the...
Andrew Hodgson 15/05/2018
Does anyone remember my Mother Kathleen Bartlett? Sadly she died in 1998 but I'm trying to find out about her family history and know she attended the convent...
Rachel Benjamin 19/04/2018
This is great, Robert. Many thanks!
Admin 15/03/2018
Joyce Murgatroyd writes in Growing Up In Old Skipton (published in 2011, though written in 1965), 'one day my brother announced that a roller skating rink had...
Robert 15/03/2018
Ella Hatfield writes in Skipton (1991): "Skipton also had a skating rink, on Broughton Road, whose directors reserved the right to refuse admission to 'any...
Robert 15/03/2018
KE note: Brenda Nutton's father (?)
Admin 14/03/2018