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This was Reckitt and Sons. Colman (the mustard people) were part of the Reckitt empire but not for this Dettol factory. Also, at this time it was called...
Jean Robinson 12/06/2024
The Wheat Sheaf stood where the Halifax Bank building now stands - there's plenty of evidence in this collection to support that
James Garratt 11/06/2024
Tin Bridge was opened on Dec 30, 1912 connecting Middle Town with New Town
Adrian Beresford 03/05/2024
This is'nt Castle Street, it is No 3 Romille Street, next door to the old spiritualist
Adrian Beresford 03/05/2024
yes i agree, this is looking towards Old George Yard. building what seems to be the old bus depot.
paul watson 29/04/2024
Van parked outside rear of drake and macefield.
Paul watson 28/04/2024
This is Regent Drive - in fact it's the first two houses as you turn in. In the background is Otley Road and the house on the corner is still there and...
James Garratt 26/04/2024
Hill Street (demolished in the 1960's) is visible as the row of houses to the right.
James Garratt 25/04/2024
Post January 1961 - The telephone exchange building in the rear was opened that year.
Peter Sheeran 19/04/2024
Walter Shuttleworth's (1871 - 1942) Grocers shop can be seen on the left next to the dentist. Walter moved the business to Newmarket St at the bottom (right...
Scott Wallace 03/04/2024
I have a good pic of the IGLOO! if anyone wants a copy let me know, Susan [nee Coupe]
I have a really good picture, taken by the local paper, of our fantastic IGLOO!
Susan Shattock [nee COUPE] 28/03/2024
Gentleman on the right of the three men standing at the door to the shop - Alfred Shuttleworth 1875 - 1951 and the last Gentleman of the group to the left...
Scott Wallace 25/03/2024
I have two photos of Cawder Ghyll, one named Isolation diseases Hospital with a second named Skipton Fever Hospital.
Christopher Binns 21/02/2024
Hi I recall Dr Watson he was my doc when I came to Skipton in 1956 in Keighley RD before Dyneley H S Nice Chap
Harry Dowson Hon Fr of Sk 20/02/2024
My Grandmother was a Dyneley, and as a child I remember my Great Aunts, her sisters, telling me that this house was once owned by the family - a long time ago!...
Frederica Janet Dyneley Venn 09/02/2024
Present address 29 Keighley Road, Skipton. Tufton Street no longer exists.
Peter Sheeran 02/02/2024
We were lucky to be part of St Monica’s Convent either as a border or day pupil. I started at Marton House ,East Marton in 1957 -58 moving on to St Monicas...
Monica Jane Kirk 30/01/2024
I have an envelope addressed to Henry Alcock, Skipton, Yorks, in his capacity as a solicitor, from W Atkinson, dated November 23rd 1841, opened November 25th,...
Bernard Butler 19/01/2024
after 1910, when the library was built
crispin edwards 17/01/2024