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Walter Shuttleworth's (1871 - 1942) Grocers shop can be seen on the left next to the dentist. Walter moved the business to Newmarket St at the bottom (right...
Scott Wallace 03/04/2024
I have a good pic of the IGLOO! if anyone wants a copy let me know, Susan [nee Coupe]
I have a really good picture, taken by the local paper, of our fantastic IGLOO!
Susan Shattock [nee COUPE] 28/03/2024
Gentleman on the right of the three men standing at the door to the shop - Alfred Shuttleworth 1875 - 1951 and the last Gentleman of the group to the left...
Scott Wallace 25/03/2024
I have two photos of Cawder Ghyll, one named Isolation diseases Hospital with a second named Skipton Fever Hospital.
Christopher Binns 21/02/2024
Hi I recall Dr Watson he was my doc when I came to Skipton in 1956 in Keighley RD before Dyneley H S Nice Chap
Harry Dowson Hon Fr of Sk 20/02/2024
My Grandmother was a Dyneley, and as a child I remember my Great Aunts, her sisters, telling me that this house was once owned by the family - a long time ago!...
Frederica Janet Dyneley Venn 09/02/2024
Present address 29 Keighley Road, Skipton. Tufton Street no longer exists.
Peter Sheeran 02/02/2024
We were lucky to be part of St Monica’s Convent either as a border or day pupil. I started at Marton House ,East Marton in 1957 -58 moving on to St Monicas...
Monica Jane Kirk 30/01/2024
I have an envelope addressed to Henry Alcock, Skipton, Yorks, in his capacity as a solicitor, from W Atkinson, dated November 23rd 1841, opened November 25th,...
Bernard Butler 19/01/2024
after 1910, when the library was built
crispin edwards 17/01/2024
after 1897 (when the tress were planted) but before 1910 (when the library was built)
crispin edwards 17/01/2024
I recently found out that my grandfather Clement Foster Gledhill served in this regiment.
Iron works taken over by Moser Maraden and Naylor of Bradford in 1911 - Source - Craven Herald Friday Jan 6th 1911
Scott Wallace 04/11/2023
Born 1878 Died 1939. Lived 17 Hallams Yard Skipton. Occupation - Chimney Sweep. Spouse Ruth Thornton. Children - Amy Eucice and Jack Thornton
Scott Wallace 04/11/2023
Thomas Chew 1832 - 1898 Midlands railway inspector at Skipton Station. Lived at 10 Aireview Terrace Skipton
Scott Wallace 04/11/2023
I was born there in 1962, later my mum lost a baby and ended up in there. Children were not allowed to visit and i was pining for my mum, so the ladies on the...
Diane 20/10/2023
The photo is taken looking south down High Street. The Red Lion is a listed building (,...
crispin edwards 18/10/2023
Does anyone know the date of the 1950s fire? My wife lived in Sawley street at the time and she thought it was earlier than late 50's. 1955 perhaps?
Michael Ball 30/09/2023
Sadly, none is known to exist.
Admin 12/09/2023