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The Rowley Ellwood Collection is an online gallery of over 500 historic old photos of Skipton, fully indexed and searchable. This site is a tribute to Dr Geoffrey Rowley and Mr Ken Ellwood who gathered together these fascinating prints. These photos are available for viewing on CD or DVD at Skipton Reference Library.


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The Charabanc is parked on Mill Bridge, next to the New Ship Inn. The Castle Inn is in the background.
Malcolm Mounteer 12/08/2020
I believe that this photo shows the staff of a Hotel or Boarding school etc.
Malcolm Mounteer 25/07/2020
It is Lower Union Street, approximately where Tufton Place and Brindley Court are now. You can just see Pinder Bridge on the canal at the...
Peter Sheeran 12/06/2020
View Keighley Road south from Ship Corner. Burtons Corner on left, Bus Station on right.
Malcolm Mounteer 10/06/2020
This looks as if it is the site of the current bus station with Christ Church in the background.
John Gardner 09/06/2020
Henry Alcock born 8 Aug 1791 Skipton, Yorkshire.Banker, Solicitor and Magistrate for the West Riding of Yorkshire. 1841 / 1861 census:...
Peter Sheeran 07/06/2020
My father, Bernard Sheeran, worked here. My stepfather, George Burnett, worked here. My eldest brother, Terence Sheeran, worked here for...
Peter Sheeran 07/06/2020
I should have added, the Star Inn is the last building on the right, just before the entrance to Castle Street and the advertising boards....
Peter Sheeran 07/06/2020


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We've started to add scans of Dr Rowley's notebooks. These are real treasure troves of information about Skipton's history. The new pages aren't perfect yet - please be patient as we sort out the glitches.
12/05/2018 Admin
We've tweaked the "Browse all photos" function so that it now shows the most recently added photos first.
14/03/2018 Admin
I've added 21 new photos today! All from Ken Ellwood's collection. I think my favourite is this one of "Berry & Matt" at the Roller Skating Rink. Does anyone know where that was located?
13/03/2018 Admin
When scanning the photos, we often find hand-written notes on the reverse, especially pictures from Ken Ellwood's collection. Where we're certain the information is accurate, we'll include it in the photo description. If it's more vague, I will add it as an Admin comment below the picture, as "KE note" for Ken Ellwood, "GR note" for Geoffrey Rowley, etc.
21/01/2018 Admin
Added two new photos today: Photo 753 and Photo 754. This is the first new content in many years! Ken Ellwood's family have very kindly shared their father's collection of old Skipton photographs with us. Some of the pictures are already on this site, donated by Dr Rowley's widow when the Rowley Collection was first built. But there are lots of previously unseen images too, and we'll be adding these to the Rowley-Ellwood collection in the coming weeks.
14/01/2018 Admin
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