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The Rowley Ellwood Collection is an online gallery of over 500 historic old photos of Skipton, fully indexed and searchable. This site is a tribute to Dr Geoffrey Rowley and Mr Ken Ellwood who gathered together these fascinating prints. These photos are available for viewing on CD or DVD at Skipton Reference Library.

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Lascelles Hall said to have been built 1808 at the end of Chancery Lane for the publican of the Black Horse and named after Lascelles, Earl of Harewood, who...
Claire Nash | 09/09/2017 | re photo: 569
Fascinated to see this photo in the knowledge that in the crowd of guys in the background there might have been my Paternal Grandad and his father my Paternal...
JMD Evans | 25/08/2017 | re photo: 728
Yes, this is the WWII. The officer is my maternal grandfather, Richard Wood. I don't know much about his army career but he reached the rank of Major in the...
Liz Lemal | 23/08/2017 | re photo: 707
I went to St. Monica's from 1941 to 1948. In 1950 I joined the FCJ's for a time and was sent to Canada, where I now live, but I left the FCJ'S back in the...
Pat Wraw | 03/07/2017 | re photo: 430
Does anyone know if any of these men are James Herbert he was a engine driver at skipton around the time the photo was taken.
Elsa | 01/07/2017 | re photo: 676
Brick Hall Yard is now part of the Woolly Sheep Inn.
Admin | 24/05/2017 | re photo: 678
Hi Danny, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure where St Monica's records are kept. You could try contacting the priest at St Stephen's church, details on the...
Admin | 12/05/2017 | re photo: 430
I'm trying to catch up on my past. I believe I was here sometime between 1952 to 1957 along with my brother Bernard. Where would the records be kept?
Danny Riggs | 10/05/2017 | re photo: 430