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The Rowley Collection Website was officially launched on 21st July 2004.

Craven Herald headline:  Historic collection goes online

Craven Herald & Pioneer - 23 July 2004

Historic Collection Goes Online

Hundreds of historic photographs of Skipton are now available online. The photographs were collected by the late Dr Geoffrey Rowley, well known Skipton solicitor and local historian. They include images as diverse as Edwardian Skipton and local football and cricket teams of the 1920s and 30s.

Dr Rowley’s widow, Valentine, had placed all his research material in the care of Skipton Library, where the photographs were seen by Steve Smith, Wayne Deveney and David Alcock, of local website SkiptonWeb.

Mr Smith said: "We saw these photographs as a unique record of Skipton’s past and we were delighted to create a website which enables them to be seen by as wide an audience as possible. There are some wonderful images, and the site is fun and easy to use. You can zoom in on the photographs and even send e-postcards of your favourite picture. We also hope that people will contact us, or Skipton Library, if they have information about any of the photographs."

Mrs Rowley said: "It's fascinating that technology has been used in this way, to allow my husband’s collection to be seen by people around the world as well as locally."

The photographs can be seen online at and on CD or DVD at Skipton Library and Information Centre


For more background on who built this website, how and why, please see the credits page.


This collection of photographs was assembled by Dr. G. Rowley and Mr. K. Ellwood. Whilst every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright, if anyone has any doubts concerning rights to the images shown, please contact Skipton Library and Information Centre where they are held.