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Below are the most recently added entries in the Rowley Collection guestbook.

  • Lovely to see how it would of been for my ancestors, I have always loved Skipton, and appreciate the lovely photos.
    Sandra Webling | wales | 30 Nov 05
  • You've done a nice job with your website!
    Mort | Cockermouth | 29 Jun 05
  • You have done a very nice job with your website, I enjoy seeing where other people are from who visit your site. Keep up the good work! It will be interesting to watch your website grow as more people find out about it.
    RM | USA | 4 Jun 05
  • Excellent! Just wonderful to see these old photos and to be able to access them so easily. I hope that other people will add to the collection and make their photographs available for all to see.
    Dyanna Swindlehurst | England | 12 Jan 05
  • I have been thoroughly enjoying looking through the Rowley Collection of photographs showing old Skipton. Thank you for a wonderful collection. Howard Topper formerly of Skipton
    Howard Topper | | 28 Aug 04
  • I love the old photos..........thanks!
    Wally Palka | Canada | 25 Aug 04
  • Buying a post card of the Sir Mathew Wilson statue, the bookshop owner said "He was looney,you know" "Yes I know. He was my great grandfather" I replied. How can I find information on him and Skipton Hall ?
    Kim David Taylor | USA | 21 Aug 04
  • By 'Eck, words are not enough. There must be lots more out there. Cum'on, let's 'ave a look.
    Ken Edgar. Snr. | Belgium. | 16 Aug 04
  • What a fabulous site! A brilliant resource, magnificently laid out and accessible with a wealth of superb images. I particularly liked the images of the cattle market and boat trips - what an incredible change! Congratulations to all involved getting this creative site together.
    Sarah Dewar | UK | 1 Aug 04
  • I did not tell you how good I thought the site was. Personally I think sites like that have far more value both for Skiptons business interests and also reputation. Another top class site. Take it easy.
    DK | UK | 28 Jul 04
  • I really enjoyed looking at all the photo's of old Skipton. I have lived here all my life and its amazing how much it has changed.
    Sandra Owen | United Kingdom | 24 Jul 04
  • Welcome to the Rowley Collection Guestbook.
    Admin | UK | 4 Jun 04



This collection of photographs was assembled by Dr. G. Rowley and Mr. K. Ellwood. Whilst every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright, if anyone has any doubts concerning rights to the images shown, please contact Skipton Library and Information Centre where they are held.