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Photo row00022
Swadford Street
Photo row00025
Entrance to Queen's Court
Photo row00026
Bus station, High Street
Photo row00027
Floods, Keighley Road
Photo row00028
Ship Hotel
Photo row00029
Redman's Grocers, Ship Corner
Photo row00035
Shops, end Newmarket Street/ High Street
Photo row00036
The Wool Shop
Photo row00039
Skipton Woods
Photo row00040
Skipton Woods
Photo row00041
Hospital Gala Procession 1911
Photo row00042
Hospital Gala Procession
Photo row00043
Hospital Gala Float
Photo row00044
Skipton Gala Procession 1953
Photo row00045
Hospital Gala Float 1907
Photo row00046
Hospital Gala Float
Photo row00047
Hospital Gala Float
Photo row00048
Hospital Gala Procession
Photo row00049
Hospital Gala Float
Photo row00050
Hospital Gala Procession
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This collection of photographs was assembled by Dr. G. Rowley and Mr. K. Ellwood. Whilst every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright, if anyone has any doubts concerning rights to the images shown, please contact Skipton Library and Information Centre where they are held.