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The Rowley Collection website is a tribute to the late Dr Geoffrey Rowley the eminent Skipton historian, who with Mr. Ken Ellwood gathered together these fascinating prints.

This website is an online gallery of over 500 historic old photos of Skipton, fully indexed. You can search the collection for images of:
•  Canal
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•  Group photos
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...or anything you like using the search page.

This website isn't just a gallery, it's also an online community history project. We hope people will send us information about the pictures. Our get involved page has more details. We want this website to be a permanent and growing archive of Skipton local history. View the comments archive to see the latest additions.

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You can buy prints of any of the photos on this website from Skipton Library.

For information on how this digital project was created, by whom and why, see the credits page.

All photographs reproduced with kind permission of North Yorkshire County Council and Mrs V Rowley.

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Formerly St Monica's Convent I went to St. Monica's from 1941 to 1948. In 1950 I joined the FCJ's for a time and was sent to Canada, where I now live, but I left the...
Added by: Pat Wraw. 3 Jul 17.
These photos are available for viewing on CD or DVD at Skipton Reference Library.

This collection of photographs was assembled by Dr. G. Rowley and Mr. K. Ellwood. Whilst every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright, if anyone has any doubts concerning rights to the images shown, please contact Skipton Library and Information Centre where they are held.

Group of adults with list of names
 - Old Skipton Photo - Click to see larger image

Cork's shop, High Street, Skipton - Click to see larger image

Broughton Road, circa 1916, Looking East towards Skipton - Click to see larger image

Springs Canal - New Bridge (Coach Street) from Canal Basin - Click to see larger image

Skipton Rugby Football Club - group photograph, 1912, Winner's Yorks' Challenge Cup - Click to see larger image

Upper Commercial Street - Demolished 1964 - Click to see larger image

Group of railway men in station yard - Old photo of Skipton - Click to see larger image

Cars parked in the High Street - 1930s - Click to see larger image

Skipton Church Institute Cricket Club 1904, Winners of Skipton Junior League Challenge Cup, 1904  - Click to see larger image


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